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curiouser and curiouser
We’ve had an extended commentary about the peculiar history at 251 W 19 St Unit 3C, with one civilian speculating that the unit is being sold by the bank out from under an over-extended owner. See how the (something) have fallen … 251 W 19 St at 40% off from June 5, with two weeks of comments.
The unit came to market in March for $3.4mm and has had a new price each month ($2.75mm in April and $2.1mm in May), with last week’s price increase to $2.24mm just making it as June’s price.
Of the other units for sale in the building, #3D is now in contract (I had originally said “#3D is offered through PruDE’s Lida Drummond for $2.395mm (1,777 sq ft). Looks like more bling-bling than #3C”) and #8D is still available (“#8D is offered through PruDE’s Leonard Steinberg, et al., for $2.795mm. [Much more bling-bling than #3C, as “words cannot describe…”]”).
I did get to that open house but the agent showing that night could not (would not?) comment on whether this was a bank sale. With an empty loft, it is certainly a moved-on-with-life seller sale.
Building note: I cannot understand why the lobby attendant in this building still sits at a desk behind a glass partition. I assume that this is a holdover from early days, but it gives the faint suggestion that the lobby attendant (more a ‘guard’ than a ‘doorman’) needs some layer of protection from people who open the door from the sidewalk. Not a useful suggestion for $2mm lofts, in my view.
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