enough about me / what do YOU want from me for 2008?

what do readers want from
Manhattan Loft Guy?
This blog has grown organically since its quiet launch in March 2006. I write mostly about things that interest me about
Manhattan lofts, or NYC, or (sometimes) whatever. It seems that enough people are interested to keep clicking, but I wonder what else I can do to engage or serve you readers better.

Feel free to tell me here, or by private email [Sandy (dot) Mattingly (at) CBHK (dot) com].

open house reviews, up or down?
The one repeating topic that takes a lot of time but is not ‘worth it’ to me if it is not ‘worth it’ to you is the Sunday open house thread. I have had time to do something about open houses most weeks, on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but sometimes it is a strain. Please weigh in on whether this is a useful use of time or something you can easily replicate on NYTimes.com or elsewhere.

I have a to-do list of posts I mean to do, but my history is that many to-dos never get done. I expect I will post a Year in Review soon, and possibly a look ahead. I have been cogitating for weeks about a post (or series) on who should be buying or selling now, and who should be waiting. Perhaps that will be birthed soon.

Happy 2008
Personally and professionally, 2007 was a pretty terrific year. I am very optimistic about my personal and professional prospects for 2008.

I wish for you all the best that 2008 can offer you.


As always, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. One of you became on Monday afternoon my 50,000th visitor for the month of December — my first month with that many visitors. Onward and upward!

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