change is gonna come, even to Manhattan Loft Guy

(in fact, some is already here)
If you have gotten this far, you have found the new home of Manhattan Loft Guy, with a whole new look, on a whole new platform. The look is likely to be tweaked over time and glitches will be identified and (eventually) fixed. (I will figure out how to add my lovely red logo.) Starting a new blog on this platform would have been easy; importing content from 7 years (2,000+ posts) … not. Please have patience as I learn how to drive this thing, to change the oil, and to rotate the tires.

This is a much more stable, quick, and powerful platform than the highly primitive platform that I began with in March 2006, so it will definitely take time to figure out both how to use it and which powerful new features to exploit. (Could there be charts and photos in store? The mind reels.) Among other issues I anticipate, internal links back to and comments on the old platform may take a while to work in the new archives here, and some may never work like that. The old blog is likely to remain live so that those old… links and comments survive for as long as that more primitive platform does.

Nothing simple is ever easy, and importing so much content with … er … inelegant html that was state-of-the-art for its day is not simple. Eternal thanks to my good friend and code geek who will remain anonymous until he tells me I can identify him publicly. And thanks to the folks at Internet Crusade for providing the free platform way back in 2006; it’s gotten too primitive even for me, but there would not be a Manhattan Loft Guy without them. They do so much for the real estate brokerage and MLS communities all over the country.

Turn off your speakers if you don’t like shouting: THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY EXCITING but it will definitely take some time for me to figure out how to use all this horsepower, and the look and functionality on the blog is likely to go through several iterations in the near term. My premise was the quicker I got off the old platform and into WordPress, the better; there are a million choices to be made within the WordPress platform and I may toggle back and forth, or meander through some options, for a while. But: all of the old content is now here, and all of the new content will remain accessible here; the overall look may change and things might move around on the page for a while.

But blog-life is already better. For me. Hope it becomes so for you. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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2 comments on “change is gonna come, even to Manhattan Loft Guy
  1. EHS says:

    Literally, the only complaint I have ever had with this blog was that it didn’t load up fast enough (or, at all sometimes). Congrats on the new look.



    • Sandy Mattingly says:

      THX, Eric. Yeah … I can be hard to persuade, but the S L O W loading finally did it for me, too. I have been dragged into the 21st Century kicking and screaming, but at least I am here.

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