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nothing stays the same, eh?
This will be brief, for now. I brought my license over to Corcoran’s Soho office yesterday and started training today on a new listing system. I had a great run at Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy and will update this when (if?) there is publicly available information about CBHK that explains some of the back story here, but for now suffice it to say that I am looking forward to working at Corcoran and (finally) in a true Manhattan loft neighborhood.

[UPDATE: Management went public to The Real Deal yesterday, according to today’s TRD web report, so it’s (a) official and (b) public: the firm is being shut down this week, with many agents heading to Corcoran. Last night’s "good-bye party" was pretty surreal, more like an Irish wake. THX to David & JoAnne!]

consequences for Manhattan Loft Guy? nahhh
I don’t expect there to be any significant difference in this blog from my new affiliation, assuming that the content of the inter-firm data-base I have been using for all my stats (CBHK used OLR) is identical to the content of TAXI, the system Corcoran uses — as it should be. Likely worst case, it may take me a while to get used to the new system and may have to break up the inventory tranches into smaller bites.

If ti it takes me a while to use the new system competently I may miss this Sunday’s ‘as of’ numbers for new listings, closed sales and inventory. If TAXI defines a "loft" differently from OLR there will be real trouble with continuity, but I don’t expect that to be the case.

In spider-proof terms, my Corcoran email will be Sandy [dot] Mattingly [at] Corcoran [dot] com and I have also revived Sandy [at] Manhattan Loft Guy [dot] com.

Back to learning new stuff ….


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