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some diverting loft porn to stimulate your new year

too many Manhattan lofts, with too many photos (!)I don’t have anything to say about the specific lofts you can view there, as the Location Department website is a business site for film and ad location scouts; for viewers like

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161 Grand Street loft closes up almost 1% over 2007

streets not as mean a bit westYesterday’s post (no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 184 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft) hit a very primitive artist’s loft on Grand Street near Mulberry Street, in the immediate Johnny Boy

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no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 182 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft

“classic”, “quintessential”, “rare”, “authentic”The Manhattan loft #2E at 182 Grand Street was marketed with a historical marker (“currently serves as the studio for a working artist”) and every picture in the listing tells that story. Yes, the floor plan of

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Sunday diversion / World Cup edition

it’s time to Release The WambachWith only the most perfunctory apologies to Liam Neeson and the "writers" of the 2010 release Clash of the Titans I have stolen one of the few iconic elements of the oh-so-cheesy film, Zeus’ summoning

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nice flipping loft at 49 Howard Street

aka 307 Canal StreetThis building caught my eye this week when I noted the Manhattan loft #3N at 49 Howard Street was sold on October 13 to a Swedish couple for $1.9mm after having been bought in February 2008 for

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9 PM on PBS: I M Pei documentary

shilling recidivistTonight is the night for the Anne Makepeace film that I hit last week, Mar. 24, 2010, shilling for I M Pei.  American Masters’ I. M. Pei   Building China Modern will air on local Channel 13 WNET at 9

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shilling for I M Pei

  not that he needs itI sat about 15 feet from I. M. Pei  last night, at a screening of a documentary about him that will be broadcast next Wednesday. It was one of those that‘s why I live in

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