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I think this is the second week in a row, but perhaps only the second time in the last few months, that the  Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 has been up to date. That Google Docs spreadsheet is probably the single bit of Manhattan Loft Guy content that I link to most often, with my Miller Riffing about outdoor space a distant second. I realize that I (hardly) ever link to the origin post for the Master List, the August 23, 2009 post that explained what I was compiling and how, and the (important!) limits to the data, as well as apologized (by inference) for its typically Manhattan Loft Guy primitive nature: master list of Manhattan loft closings since November.

At that long ago date, the spreadsheet had 229 resales of downtown Manhattan lofts with recorded prices between $500,000 and $5,000,000, and 164 new development sales in the same geography and dollar range. As of September 7 deed filings, the spreadsheet now has more than 2,000 resales and new development sales approaching 1,000, with past sales data on many of the resales. The major improvements to the Master List since it was rolled out

  • a field on the resale page for Neighborhood, for those who like to scan (or sort) by geography
  • if a resale cleared above the last asking price, the sales price is highlighted in green
  • if a resale sold at the last asking price, the asking price is highlighted in yellow

If you’ve looked at the Master List recently, you’d have noticed that

  • there were 51 downtown Manhattan loft resales in August (so far, more deeds will be filed over the next few weeks), 63 in July (some may still be filed), and 72 in June
  • those figures compare to 65 loft resales in August 2011, 62 in July 2011, and 81 in June 2011
  • in those last 3 months, 10 loft resales were above the last asking price, and 15 were at that price
  • compared to 14 above the last asking price and 16 at that price in August, July and June, 2011

Want to know how many loft resales went to contact within 30 days of coming to market? Scroll down Column J on Sheet1.

In fact, play and scroll to your heart’s content … knock yourself out!

Of course there is so much more that I could do with this data. Note to sel … Note to self … Note to self!

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