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My first post on Manhattan Loft Guy (as Manhattan Loft Guy?) was March 19, 2006. Yikes!

Happy Blog-day to me!!

If you click on Archives on the lower right you can easily get back to those thrilling days of yesteryear. Some quotes from March 2006:

But the data in beta has some *serious* limitations for Manhattan lofts and apartments. The key numbers Zillow reports in Manhattan are 13% for Error Percentage and 41% for 10% Range, meaning that half of the time they will "Zestimate" a value that is off by 13%, higher or lower, and that the Zestimate will be off by 10% only 41% of the time. So: half the time they will get the value of a hypothetical $1,000,000 apartment as within the range of $870,000 to $1,130,000 and half the time they will Zestimate that $1,000,000 as either worth less than $870,000 or more than $1,130,000.

Mar. 19, 2006: 

Zillow – what it is and what it says about how it does Manhattan

(I like that "data in beta")

The Corcoran report is based on a large but unknown number of transactions, as it uses sales data reported by Corcoran and by one of the major appraisal firms in Manhattan, Mitchell, Maxwell & Jackson. Unlike the reports issued by Miller Samuel — which should be released soon — Corcoran and MMJ do not break out their raw data in any way. But given the size of the Corcoran firm and the access to data that MMJ enjoys as a top appraiser, the raw data should certainly accurately represent the market.

Mar. 20, 2006:

Manhattan Loft Prices / lofts kept pace with market, per Corcoran year over year report

(goodbye, MMJ; hello, Property Shark)

An artist’s son who grew up in SoHo in the 1970s remembered it this way:


"SoHo smelled like a beautiful cigar."

Mar. 23, 2006:

What did SoHo smell like back in the day?

The clear lower boundary of SoHo is Canal Street, but almost nothing about Canal Street feels like SoHo — except possibly during those scattered minutes in any day when Canal is deserted by people and cars, and the electronics and plumbing suppliers and the ‘designer’ stalls close up. As crowded as West Broadway gets with foot traffic, there is no comparison with the shoppers and pedestrians across Canal’s wide sidewalk, and the 24/7 vehicle traffic going east to the Manhattan Bridge or west to the Holland Tunnel make Canal one of the grittiest, sootiest, busiest streets in a busy, sooty, gritty city.

Mar. 28, 2006:

SoHo pushes down to its southern border / the Arnold Constable building conversion (NY Times 3.26.06)

(love this: "

one of the grittiest, sootiest, busiest streets in a busy, sooty, gritty city


You know “lofts” have moved way beyond trendy when The National Association of Realtors magazine talks about loft developments around the country, in cities and in suburbs.  The Loft Goes Upscale and Suburban 


Authentic lofts — with their high ceilings, open spaces, and expansive windows — are fetching prime prices in former warehouse districts, while developers churn out new variations of the popular style in cities and suburbs across the country.

Mar. 31, 2006:

Creeping loft-ism / nationally

(3 posts in one day? didn’t I have any work to do?)

That was fun … Happy Blog-day to all!!


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