merry Christmas to all who observe

if not, come back tomorrow
Reading Wiki today about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, moved in part by memory of his famous letter to his parents from his Nazi prison cell December 17, 1943 (Maria is his fiancee) that has been part of my parish’s Lessons & Carols many times in recent years.

The letter is justly famous, obviously appropriate for today. The Wiki entry is less obvious, but no less appropriate, getting at the what is the point in believing that God came to earth as human? question.) Or maybe it is the if you believe that, where does that lead you? question.) A sobering Christmas reflection…

h/t to Andrew Sullivan (in absentia) for the link to a (new?) Bonhoeffer biography. If only I had asked for that for Christmas….

merry Christmas to all! And peace be with you!!

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