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another loft goes at 288 West Street, direct river views in Tribeca earn $1,432/ft

there are river views, and there are river views The year end sale of the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 288 West Street in the far west corner of Tribeca is an occasion for ‘we’ve been here before’.

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why did 288 West Street lofts close with such a wide spread?

why would “gut” beat “restored”?There is a puzzle about the last two Manhattan loft sales at 288 West Street at the extreme northwest corner of Tribeca that might be one of those always-easy-when-you-know-the-answer puzzles. Two lofts that sound the same

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New Listings + Sales of Manhattan lofts in last 7 days

This is my ninth report on the number, price distribution and neighborhood distribution for Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market or as closed sales in the last 7 days. As usual, for information about how I get this

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