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lovely, but … Chelsea loft at 236 West 26 Street sells TWENTY-FOUR PERCENT above ask

(sometimes, you have to shout about Manhattan loft sales) The Capital at 236 West 26 Street is a fairly mature coop, having been converted in 1984. There are some quirks (commercial lofts mixed with residential units; odd numbering conventions for

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Flatiron loft gains 71% over 2010, 5% over ask, for no apparent reason

Manhattan lofts with outdoor space sometimes do weird things The “1,280 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 11 West 18 Street that just sold for the very crooked number of $2,101,111 was purchased by these recent sellers in October 2010.

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very not-private private terrace in Tribeca loft is surprisingly valuable

when Art meets Science in valuing Manhattan residential loft space, Art wins (a lot) Unless you are brand new to Manhattan Loft Guy, you know that all roads through discussions of the value of terraces, roof decks and balconies of

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MercerGreene loft at 92 Greene Street sells for 4th time since 2007 (trend line is UP, if oddly disappointing)

a series of loft owners in Soho, some happier than others I will post some thoughts on the major firm Manhattan residential sales market for the First Quarter of 2014, but for now let’s look at the repeat sales of

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happy Renwick penthouse loft at 808 Broadway sells at $1,643/ft

the open city makes a big difference in a loft penthouse The most important words on the floor plan for the “1,400 sq ft” (true) penthouse loft #PHB at 808 Broadway (The Renwick) are “open city views”, which help make this

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the fact that I hate spiral stairs did not matter to Noho penthouse loft buyer at 10 Bleecker Street at $2.9mm

crown jewels of Manhattan lofts can be expensive I admit it: one of the things I am most loft-snobby about is a spiral stair. To me, nothing else says cramped or cheap quite as well as a spiral stair. For

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110 Duane Street penthouse loft owner loves it so much he bought another one

 no extortion evident in this neighbor-to-neighbor Tribeca loft  sale Whoever is behind the LLC that bought the “2,254 sq ft” penthouse loft #PH3N a year ago October from the developer for $3,309,312 just bought  the “2,297 sq ft” penthouse loft

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difficult penthouse loft sells above ask at 399 Washington Street

  attention to some details, not others The “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft on the 5th floor of 399 Washington Street at a funny little corner in Northwest Tribeca has many surface similarities to the raw-to-mints-in-3-years loft that I

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does residential “loft” mean something different in California housing?

paging Inigo Montoya*In today’s Home and Garden section of the New York Times, a Great Homes and Destinations feature (Riding in Tandem), a California couple who built a brand new “empty nest” on a half acre on the outskirts of

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22 Warren Street penthouse loft sells 6% above ask with 3 terraces, only 2 bedrooms

the limits of the loft formThere is a way to turn the recently sold “2,053 sq ft” Manhattan duplexed penthouse loft on the 6th floor at 22 Warren Street in southeast Tribeca into 3 bedrooms, but it would be hugely

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