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from $1.15mm in 2012 to $1.975mm, so we have to play Guess The Budget for 161 West 15 Street loft

games that Manhattan Loft Guys love to play… The guy who just sold the “1,170 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5B at 161 West 15 Street (in the Jensen Lewis Building) for $1.975mm paid $1.15mm to buy it in February 2012. In

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before ($1.55mm) + after ($2.935mm) gut renovation of Soho penthouse loft at 8 Greene Street

to create an authentic classic from a near-wreck is not cheap, but it can be profitable Let’s say the interior of the recently sold (at $2.935mm) just-barely-Soho loft on the 6th floor at 8 Greene Street really is “1,700 sq ft”,

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tough floor plan, 105 Fifth Avenue coop loft sells at $1,416/ft

one more loft visit to the corner of 18th Street in prime Flatiron Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy don’t even need wonderful memories to know that I hit a loft with interesting ‘issues’ here in the Spring, which will

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did rising tide eventually sell huge 141 West 26 Street loft (with rising hotel)?

when wrong is wrong, until it’s right, Chelsea loft edition The “4,050 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 141 West 26 Street was offered for sale at $3.95mm for nearly a year, having been brought to market

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so many incorrect prices finally sell 73 Worth Street penthouse loft above ask

don’t see many June sales with snow in Manhattan loft listing photos It took four listing prices to sell the “1,997 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft #PHD at 73 Worth Street on June 26. One way to say it took

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perfect floor plan of 112 East 19th Street loft emphasizes volume

sometimes, simple is the best solution for a Manhattan loft layout I had put aside the “1,950 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8F at 112 East 19 Street (Ruggles House) when I added it to my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft

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if you squint long enough, 44 Lispenard Street loft outperformed The Market

playing with numbers in Tribeca … just playin’ StreetEasy is hit-and-miss with past sales history of Manhattan lofts, but with the “1,527 sq ft” loft on the 3rd floor at 44 Lispenard Street (in the original triangle / trapezoid below Canal)

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Soho loft with the most awkward kitchen sells above ask at 543 Broadway

a triangle, if only on paper How far would you consider it acceptable to walk to the refrigerator to get, say, vegetables to wash in the sink? If you said “really far, and please, can we put a door in the

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what would have happened if they renovated the kitchen to sell 105 Fifth Avenue loft?

might have saved a year, or a few bucks This kind of Manhattan loft broker babble intrigues me, not for the editorial choices but the ownership choices: Having undergone an extensive renovation (with the exception of the kitchen), the loft

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no rational market evident in 708 Greenwich Street loft sale $260k over ask

an ‘efficient’ Manhattan loft market requires more transparency than a bidding war can offer From November 2014 to February 2015 the overall Manhattan residential real estate market was essentially flat, unless you consider a change of .01% to be a significant deviation

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