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lofts sell by the foot, not by bedrooms, as at 53 N. Moore Street in Tribeca

a serendipitous pair of closings at The North Moore line right up with Theory I’ve had this conversation so many times, about how room count (specifically, bedroom count) is the key to the size (and value) of Manhattan “apartments”, while

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even a Chelsea Mercantile loft will struggle if over-priced

loft sellers can’t simply name their price, no matter a Chelsea loft icon In a world of bad (bad, bad!) news for buyers of Manhattan residential real estate, lofts and otherwise, there’s only a limited amount of cold comfort to be

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perfect floor plan of 112 East 19th Street loft emphasizes volume

sometimes, simple is the best solution for a Manhattan loft layout I had put aside the “1,950 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8F at 112 East 19 Street (Ruggles House) when I added it to my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft

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Cobblestone Lofts seller surprised, disappointed that market at 28 Laight Street is so rational

… while fact-based outsiders smile The folks who just sold the “3,216 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 28 Laight Street (Cobblestone Lofts) in the spillway of the Holland Tunnel in northernmost Tribeca thought a year ago they were selling

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side window in 9 West 20 Street loft allows huge master

funny what a little flexibility can do for a classic Manhattan loft footprint Are you more a flood plan guy, or are you a numbers gal? If the former, you’ll appreciate how a side window in a Long-and-Narrow loft in Flatiron

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half-off finally sells 620 Broadway artist loft with (obviously) some issues

how selling a Manhattan loft can be like your worst experience pulling off a band-aid I’m going to lead the way you should pull off a band-aid, quickly (brutally, even): contrary to what you’ll read on StreetEasy, the very quirky

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were feet in larger loft at 105 East 16 Street worth more than in smaller loft?

Conventional Wisdom about Manhattan residential real estate is right, often I don’t know if the equation “1 + 1 = 2.5” is original to The Miller, but he is my source for it. What he means is that in the

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how much did the bathtub cost this Chelsea loft at 151 West 28 Street?

you know what they say about idiosyncratic design choices The Flower District is hardly a fringe area for Manhattan lofts, so it is a little surprising to see an architect-designed loft with “sleek” kitchen and improvements such as central air

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very funky Soho cozy (small!) loft at 140 Sullivan Street sells at $1,454/ft

open lofts are for sound sleepers only I always wonder who the folks are who love open lofts such as the little (“1,100 sq ft”) one #3R at 140 Sullivan Street that just sold in the tiny corner of the

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buy low, renovate well, sell high: easy-peazy at 366 Broadway

a conventional story downtown Manhattan, enhanced by beautiful renovation work I need to bring some balance, some rationality, to my consideration of loft renovation projects in Tribeca. Steven Soderbergh’s devil-may-care attitude is driving me a little crazy today (yesterday’s post, 155 Franklin

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