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today in big sports news

of course the anticipation is risingWhat with the earliest reporting dates for pitches and catchers to baseball’s spring training sites as early as February 11. (Full schedule here.) Only the Cubbies and the Rockies have the earliest dates, with most

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Sunday diversion is about love (birds, bees and young people) and staying out late

a matter of personal indulgenceThrough the miracle of the inter-tubes, and the confidence of the principals and the editors of the Old Grey Lady, we got home well after midnight to find that the wedding we had just come from

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Sunday diversion / is it baseball season yet?

no joy for Met fans (of course), but some solaceForgive me, not for talkin’ baseball (to be encouraged 365 days a year) but for picking at a scab of New York Mets fans. They won’t have the reigning Cy Young

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Sunday diversion / no joy in Mudville, or in Baltimore, Washington or Oakland

dreams die hardLet’s not talk about the League Championship Series yet, bad breaks and all. (I know that is difficult, fellow Yankee fans, but indulge me.) Focus instead on the glory of the Division Series, and tip your cap to

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Sunday diversion / big day in sports

all day screen festIt does not happen this way every Sunday, but for real fans today there are games to watch at noon, 3, 6 and 9, from the East Coast, to America’s so-called heartland, finishing on the West Coast.

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short diversion / baseball, but not what you think

a lovely piece of writingIt was this paragraph in a short essay that told me that this writer would probably have something to say, and would say it well: Baseball, in particular, had always seemed both twee and annoying—especially given

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Sunday diversion: of Pythagorus and baseball odds

  The plusses and minuses mean a lot For baseball fans who don’t get the stat geek world, this Sports Illustrated piece nicely captures the science behind the Probability of Playoffs column you see in some renditions of Major League

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Sunday diversion / faulty logic, but very interesting baseball question

Jayson Stark poked me in the eye (unintentionally, but still)If you are a fan of Manhattan Loft Guy baseball diversions, you know I have taken a pretty hard line about reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun. (Refresh yourself with my

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Sunday diversion / good baseball numbers

use your power for good, not for evil (or boredom)Baseball stat geeks are sometimes boring, sometimes stupid as well as trivial (as in “Johnny Littlebat is hitting .350 in Tuesday day games, but at .180 he can’t buy a hit

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Sunday diversion has questions / baseball questions, but still questions

a confession is required, another is merely requestedThe confessions is required is from me, though the question is whether a likely Hall of Fame catcher needs to confess. My confession is that I clicked on the Tom Verducci piece from

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