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Greene Street block as a lab for … global economic development??

yupI don’t want to leave the impression that I regularly peruse economics blogs about global development issues, but I did come across this February 22 small blog post by an econ prof with NYU’s Development Research Institute that focused on

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NY Times loves the architects who (live in +) love lofts / West 15 Street Lego edition

mixing the metaphors, Lego + jigsawPerhaps it is just confirmation bias at work, but I really think the New York Times features a disproportionate number of lofts in it’s feature sections on Thursdays and Sundays. The latest example is the

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back into the Soho time machine, to Spring Street lofts circa 1972

The History Channel, againWe seem to be in the history cycle on Manhattan Loft Guy, and there is no telling when it will end. Today’s installment wanders back to 1972 Soho, when a few pioneers got together to buy a

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time travel? a first person account of Early Loft Days in New York

parallels between 1970s Soho and 2010 BushwickThere is a fascinating first person account of someone who looks forward (kinda, sorta, perhaps) to being under the new loft law on a Brooklyn blog that Brownstoner linked to yesterday. In broad outline,

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