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These three lofts have all been around for a while. With noon starting times for open houses Sunday, it is a bit like the early dinner seating (5:30?) in Miami. Hit all three and be home by 1 PM.
240 W 23 St #1B, on the market since September. Asking $1.249mm for 1,350 sq ft in a One Bed Wonder ground floor duplex with 12 foot ceilings. (What is a One Bed Wonder?) Susan Sears (formerly of her own firm, now with Corcoran) knows lofts; she calls it “stunning”. I am not seeing “stunning” in the pix, but maybe she’s right.
This unit faces south (into the block, not to 23rd Street), so it should be quiet. Layout is a little funky, with a “bonus” sleep loft off the main level and the bedroom level apparently below grade (and with only a powder room on that level; can that be full??). They started this at $1.395mm in September, dropped $100k a month later, with a $50k drop in February. Seller is patient (so far), market’s not jumping on this baby.
Open House Sunday 12 – 2
Unit 3 at 158 W 23 St, on the market since November. Asking $1.559mm for 1,865 sq ft. The price had been $1.595mm, so I wonder if the change this week is just a transposition error…. As I said about this one last week in the 1.6 open house tour: “Can’t see much from the pix and web other than the exposed brick, old-fashioned steam radiators, hardwood floors and high ceilings (11 ft??), and they ain’t bragging about the kitchens, baths or much of anything else”
Open House Sunday 12 – 1
Unit 5D at 240 East Houston has been on the market since November. Asking $1.65mm for 1,087 sq ft ($1.75mm until this week). It has at least one very cool feature: a private roof deck (though I am not sure that deck and the fireplace justify asking more than $1,500/ft near Avenue A – but the hammock might…).
Open House Sunday 12 – 1:30
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