Sunday Aug 26 open houses $1mm

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on)
This set includes three new listings, having their first weekend open houses, and one back on the market after ten weeks (it is rude to say Welcome Back to that one). The balance, I guess, make up The Usual Suspects….
$1.125mm and $1,500 sq ft for “1,100 sq ft” plus “200 sq ft” deck (that I calculate as larger); just back on the market this week, ten weeks after a contract was signed (board turndown??), as I noted yesterday in oh dear / 808 Broadway #2J is back
on the market since March ($1.25mm)
Open House Sunday Aug 26 12 – 2
$1.15mm and $1,318/mo (condo) for “725 sq ft” and the address is not a typo; this is a real loft (or a very real loft-like apartment) with 13 foot ceilings on the site of the old Gimbels at Lex and 86 St. (I posted about it two weeks ago as a new listing UES loft (really) / new at 120 E 87 St.) As I said in that Aug 14 post:
typical UES with downtown ceilings
The Park Avenue Court has the full roster of UES amenities: concierge, health club, pool, garden, garage and roof deck. It has some other premium-priced listings, as well. #P-4D is a “1,100 sq ft” loft with 17 foot ceilings (!!), asking $1.75mm ($1,912/mo). #R-14C is “1,250 sq ft” offered for $1.85mm ($2,211/mo), with 14 foot ceilings. (What’s up with the varying ceilings heights??)
Both of these are cookie-cutter layouts, but probably no worse than some new downtown loft layouts (Lions’ Head, for one).
I am curious about the market for these units. The lobby is definitely an “Upper East Side” lobby; the services match; the layouts, too. But how deep a market is there for such high ceilings up there?
Open House Sunday Aug 26 12:30 – 2
$1.2mm and $1,645/mo for “1,200 sq ft” new last weekend; The Foundry is a former factory, so these spaces technically qualify as lofts, but (to me) they are generally more cramped in layouts, converted in 1984 with more of an “apartment” feel than I prefer (your mileage may vary); this is a coop with condo rules
Open House Sunday Aug 26 2 – 3:30
Open House Tuesday Aug 28 5:30 – 7
$1.375mm and $1,203 /mo (condo) for “1,200 sq ft” with 12 ft ceilings; layout is nearly square with 4 windows on the north wall (period); space seems very efficiently laid out (for a single or couple) in open loft style; on Broadway nearly at Canal, it is (good news and bad) very centrally located
on the market 4 weeks
Open House Sunday Aug 26 2 – 3
$1.395mm and $1,288/mo for … the listing is copy about size (best guess from floor plan = under 1,500 sq ft); I described this in a July 6 open house review (Open House review – early bird specials under $1.8):
Long-and-Narrow with 3 front windows + 3 back windows (back windows all have plumbing – 2 baths and kitchen)
on the market since May 9 ($1.495mm)
Open House Sunday Aug 26 12:30 – 1:30
$1.575mm and $1,500/mo for “1,500 sq ft” that remains a walk-up until a Summer 2008 elevator project eats up some space and saves many steps. I featured this twice in open house reviews since it was new in March (on July 6 and March 23) and again when it was a NY Times On The Market property on August 5. That post prompted reader VDH to offer some interesting insight about the elevator project and the loft’s layout (scroll down for comments at elevator coming to 160 Chambers / NY Times On The Market).
Open House Sunday Aug 26 2 – 4
$1.65mm and $1,019/mo (condo) for “1,600 sq ft” that needs a little love; I blogged about it when new last weekend (Bond, 19 Bond / new loft listing asks ‘got love’?); there is still no floor plan, but there are three interior pix (still looks like a total gut job to me)
Open House Sunday Aug 26 2 – 3:30
$1.895mm and $1,550/mo for (what might or might not be) “2,500 sq ft”; I have blogged about the price history and the size of this one twice (two weeks ago: getting very serious about price at 543 Broadway and in April: wondering about the 1 Bed Wonder at 543 Broadway – how much for how big?)
Open House Sunday Aug 26 2 – 3
$2mm and $1,668/mo (condo) for “1,853 sq ft” that I blogged about this week as a new loft listing (Aug 21 new at 150 W 26 / one of the Merc’s children); with the floor plan now up on the web, you can see this is a rare Long-and-Narrow with windows along one long side and one narrow side (granted, the long side looks across at a building, but there is the flexibility to put quiet bedrooms on that wall that get some light, as here)
Open House Sunday Aug 26 12 – 2
Open House Wednesday Aug 29 12 – 2
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