open house nuggets / early bird edition

(remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)
setyour alarm clocks for this one:
$1.71mm and $1,995/mo for “1,300 sq ft” with along history (see Sept1 258 Bway is BOM / why do bad things happen to goodcontracts?)
Open House Sunday Sept9 10 AM 12
Open House Monday Sept 10 5 – 6:30 PM
$1.395mm and $1,288/mo for …the listing is coy about size (best guess from floor plan = under1,500 sq ft); I described this in a July 6 open house review(OpenHouse review – early bird specials under$1.8)
on the market since May 9($1.495mm)
Open House Sunday Sept9 11 AM– 12
Open House Tuesday Sept 115:30 – 7
$2.495mm and $1,675/mo (condo) for a spectacularloft in which you can hide 3 strollers (I kid you not); why so coyabout the size?
onthe market three weeks
Open House Sunday Sept9 11:30 AM– 1
$2.1mm and $1,105/mo (condo) for”1,207 sq ft” “mint and beautifully designed corner loft”; askabout the one year assessment of $517/mo
on the market since May($2.2mm)
Open House Sunday Sept 9 12-1:30
$1.125mm and $1,500 sq ft for”1,100 sq ft” plus “200 sq ft” deck just back on the markettwo weeks ago (after a board turndown??), as I noted Aug 24in oh dear / 808 Broadway #2J is back
on the market since March($1.25mm)
Open House Sunday Sept 9 12 -2
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