motivated sellers do Holiday open houses

(remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)
None of the Manhattan loftsreviewed for last weekend are having open houses this Sunday (notsurprisingly) (SundayAug 26 open houses $1mm – $2mm and Sunday Aug 26 open houses over $3mm / whatever yourtaste), thoughI did skip the $2mm to $3mm part of the market lastweek.
My best estimate is that there areno more than a third the number of open houses this weekend as lastweekend, which was a slow weekend to begin with. Most agents areaway, most sellers understand that most buyers are away, manysellers don’t want to be bothered by an open house in the middle oftheir holiday weekend. But if I were a motivated buyer, I mightlook at open houses this Sunday as hinting at motivatedsellers.
If you’ve been following thisfeature, these open houses will be familiar to you:
$2.887mm and $2,843/mo (condo) for2,273 sq ft of “one of a kind space” with 106 sq ft of outdoorspace at Landmark 17 (a walk-up, but how far??)
On the market 11 weeks
Open House Sunday Sept 2 2 -4
$2.85mm and $4,127/mo (condo) for2,732 sq ft in a new (2004) “loft” building (14 foot ceilingshelp)
On the market 11 weeks($3.1mm)
Open House Sunday Sept 2 2 -4
$2.59mm and $1,651/mo (condo) for”2,100 sq ft” of “unlimited opportunity” (it is now a showroomgallery)
On the market 5weeks
Open House Sunday Sept 2 12 -2
I don’t think I have reviewed thesetwo loft listings, which are having open houses:
$2.395mm and $1,608/mo (condo) for”1,989 sq ft” with fireplace, Corinthian columns, 11 foot ceilings,chef’s kitchen and a very good corner layout (note that the “fiveover-sized windows” in the listing are all in the living/diningarea; the floor plan shows 8 windows overall); Christopher Gray inthe NY Times Streetscapes column back in March(“WhiteStreet, a Glimpse of What SoHo Used To Be“)described this buildingas “the mostarchitecturally imposing work on the block”
on the market since March($2.5mm)
Open House Sunday Sept 2 12 -2
$2.1mm and $1,105/mo (condo) for”1,207 sq ft” “mint and beautifully designed corner loft”; askabout the one year assessment of $517/mo
On the market since May($2.2mm)
Open House Sunday Sept 2 12 -1:30
$1.89mm and $1,709/mo (condo) for”1,375 sq ft” in the former UFT building, converted just a fewyears ago; this is one of the more cookie-cutter layouts in thebuilding (but it has high ceilings and big windows)
New to market thisweek
Open House Sunday Sept 2 1 -3
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