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comment on ancient blog post suggests metaphysics
Not sure if it was a real person or some kind of bot that commented on one of my original blog posts late last night, but probably not a real person. But if it turns out to be of some interest is it spam??
This grasshopper is not sure about that bit of Zen, but the comment was made way back in March last year, Creeping loft-ism – nationally, which was only my 8th posting as Manhattan Loft Guy. You will see the comment from “Zachary” (not ‘his’ real name?) from last night, suggesting I check out some links for “unique industrial loft spaces in the Los Angeles area and well worth a look for the preservation work the developers applied”.
Since I have been meaning to post occasionally about lofts in ‘weird’ places (like Atlanta, Minneapolis, Miami; Los Angeles certainly qualifies in his category), I took the opportunity to see what “the developers” did in LA. It is interesting work. The buildings all look as though they were reclaimed as residential from prior industrial usage; the ceilings are high (enough), and they overtly channel a “Manhattan loft” vibe.
I don’t know LA geography any better than I know Moscow’s geography, so I have no idea where these buildings are. (The developer works in Hollywood, downtown LA [an oxymoron to a snooty New Yorker], and areas in between.) The sites I viewed do not provide pricing information, or much description in the way of amenities (no uber-lofts here, for sure). I can’t tell from my quick visits whether these are rentals or condos. That would be interesting comparative data.
any space in LA?
The floor plans I clicked were – by my parochial Manhattan loft standards – very un-loft-like. Many studios (as in 500 sq ft units, not as in “artist”), and some duplexed units with bedrooms up the circular stairs. I did not see dimensions, but the floor plans all looked small.
I wonder if that is a market choice (people who want that kind of space want or can only afford small spaces??).
is ‘Zachary’ this Zachary?
The thing that gives me hope that ‘Zachary’ is a person who found my blog – rather than bot that scraped me – is that the Chief Operating Officer of the developer is named Zachary, and his responsibilities include “responsibility for cultivating the company’s image, [and] his duties have grown to encompass marketing and brand management”.
I will invite my Zachary to comment further on the loft market that Creative Environments of Hollywood is involved in.
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