indoors and out at 284 Fifth

but how big isit?
Very cool new listing tonight fromJoseph Testone at Bellmarc for those who want real outdoor space.PH-Bat 284 Fifth Avenue is a 3 BR + 3 bath with — so far — nofloor plan or gross square footage, asking $3.25mm (maintenance is$4,278/mo). But we are told that the terrace is 2,200 sq ft.[UPDATE 9.3: now it is a co-exclusive listing with KatherineGauthier of PruDE, with a different set of pix here.]
Unfortunately, one thing you won’tsee from this 8th floor terrace at 30thStreet and Fifth Avenue is the Empire State Building (unless it isvisible straight up), as there is a tall building just to thenorth. Lots of glass, lots of light, and some proper proper nounsdropped for the kitchen and baths … looks pretty darn cool. Buthow big is it??
The building foot print is 5,000 sqft, but the roof slopes back a bit. Allowing for the 2,200 sq ftsetback terrace, the loft space can’t be any more than 2,800 sq ft.[UPDATE 9.3: now there’s a floor plan up; if the terrace reallyis 2,200 sq ft, the interior looks to me to be about2,000]
On doing some digging, it turns outthis unit was offered by Testone as “PH-AB” from May to July 1 for$3.595mm. So this is not so new (I must have missed it the firsttime around). But still (potentially) very cool. With that 2,200 sqft terrace.
I looked at some studios in thisbuilding when it was first being offered through Corcoran (2004??).Corcoran ended up giving up the marketing (so the story went) asthe sponsor/developer couldn’t make up its mind about sellingprices and/or could not get all this paperwork or financing inorder. City records suggest someone else stepped in, and that unitsstarted closing in 2005.
sponsor taking a finalshot?
It may be that the penthouse neversold, and that this sale is a sponsor sale. Building permitssuggest that the major renovation of the penthouse was done(begun?) only a year ago.
Hard to get comps for space likethis. There is certainly nothing else like it in the building (evenwithout considering the terrace.) And not many spaces anywhere withthis large interior space and this large a terrace.
[UPDATE: Open House Sunday Sept 9 12 – 2PM]
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