SoHo as a NY Times featured neighborhood profile

SoHo is the NYC neighborhood featured in the “Living In” section of the Sunday Real Estate section on march 26, 2006:


As always, this feature describes the neighborhood in broad terms, and has sections for “what you’ll find”, “what you’ll pay”, “what to do”, “the schools”, history” and a few properties for sale.


I think reporter Jeff Vandam has it pretty much exactly backwards with his comment:


But while SoHo may strike some first-time visitors as a really, really good-looking shopping mall, both longtime residents and recent arrivals know there is more to the area than handbags and designer iPod cases.


Actually, I think many long-time residents are not happy that SoHo has become that “really, really good-looking shopping mall”. Even some of the newer residents are less than thrilled with the pedestrian traffic and increasingly (dare I say it?) pedestrian shopping.



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