in contract at 284 Lafayette

#2D at 284 Lafayette is said to be an “authentic 2900 sq ft true loft”, is said to be “in the heart of Soho” and is shown this morning as in contract off an asking price of $2.995mm ($1,965/mo).
a pioneering coop
This 20 unit coop above Prince is one of the early coop conversions in Soho – dating from 1975. Six units have changed hands in the last three years, including #4D in what looks like fairly primitive condition, for $2.29mm in April 2006, and #3D in what must have been a pretty tricked-out renovation, for $2.911mm in March 2005 – over the asking price of $2.75mm.
Lida Drummond of PruDE waxes without waning about the renovation of #2D: “[s]implicity rules”, “be amazed by the volume”, “…complete the genuine sensory perception while well-thought out fixtures …”, “and much more are evidence of attention to detail that was poured into the renovation, but let’s not quibble. She got her sellers a contract within four weeks of bringing it to market.
how much light is Crosby light?
The footprint is nearly square, with all ten windows overlooking Crosby (N.B., from the second floor), so there is an unusual amount of layout flexibility for a space with windows on only one side. Better to be overlooking Crosby than Lafayette, undoubtedly, but there’s not going to be much light coming in very deep from those ten windows on Crosby St, as the buildings across Crosby are 12 stories high. I suspect that the (relative lack of) light and the busy stretch of Lafayette account for there not being much of a Soho premium for this space.
Jersey Street is trivial
Raise your hand if you know that there is a Jersey Street between Prince and Houston. (This building is at the corner of the only-two-blocks-long Jersey St.)
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