loft contracts galore this week / eastern edition

As I said Wednesday, many Manhattan lofts came through the inter-firm data-base as In Contract this week; here are some from east of Fifth:
125 East 12 Street #1A is a triplex loft of “2,300 sq ft”, so there is a lot of up-ing and down-ing to be done here. It came out in April ($2.795mm and $2,300/mo in taxes and charges) and has had no price change since then. The master bedroom is a mezzanine, (partially) open to the living room below – but at least you can put other sleepers on the bottom level.
210 Lafayette Street #7B (Kenmare Square) raises the existential question: how small can a “loft” be? This “768 sq ft” “loft” came back to the market in May at $1.375mm after bouncing for most of last year from $1.45mm to $1.295mm, then falling off the market last October. Let’s accept – for argument’s sake – that this is a “sleek and modern re-interpretation of loft living”.
382 Lafayette 4th fl is quite the other end of Lafayette from Kenmare Square, figuratively if not geographically. It came out in February at $2.75mm and dropped to $2.495mm in April (only $975/mo in taxes and charges). This one is more a ‘classic’ loft and is quite big enough at “2,050 sq ft”. Note especially the artistic use of the fire escape out the bedroom window – brilliant!
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