minimally FLAUNTED loft at 233 W 26 in contract, quickly

#4W offered under $1,000/ft
It took a month for #4W at 233 W 26 St to go into contract today – not a long period in this market, I think. Jeff Shannon and Lisa Vaamonde of BHS (late of CBHK, sadly) and the seller asked $1.995mm for 2,100 sq ft (and $2,308/mo). It is Long-and-Narrow with only a corner bedroom side window (and a side bathroom window), but I probably can’t do justice to its minimalist glory – check out the broker prose and the pix (“dyed Anigre panels” are new to me).
#5W and #7W sold last year (March and January) for $1.427mm and $1.545mm, respectively, so the FLAUNT-worthy minimalism of #4W definitely commands a premium.
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