anyone as confused as I am? rare foreclosure sale + rare pricing at Lion's Head 11E

price is now $3.7mm plus 6%

I have blogged about
Penthouse E (#11E) at 121 West 19 Street several times, once even drawing a comment from someone from the Elaine Clayman team "correcting" some data I reported from ACRIS (I still don’t see what error I made and she has not returned to tell me).

It had been $3.33mm and $1,963/mo (condo) for "2,027 sq ft" with a jittery price history (Aug 12:
gnashing of teeth in The Lions Head / jumpy prices + lien at 121 W 19 PH-E) in a building that I reviewed quite closely on August 13 (Lions Head revisited / price history at 121 W 19 St); my August 12 post drew the Clayman team "correction".

But now the listing has been changed to specifically note that it is a foreclosure sale, raising the price yet again (to $3.7mm) and adding the vig to the buyer’s side of the ledger ("
buyer pays the 6% fee").

Bank does not seem very motivated to me. Confusion reigns in my brains.

Open House Tuesday Oct 2
6 – 7:30 PM

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