dreadful irony / demise of a lovely garbage website

I have considered http://www.garbagescout.com/ to be one of the more unusual god-bless-‘em-entrepeneurial sites. They posted tips from folks who saw (or put) ‘stuff’ on the Manhattan sidewalk for trash pick-ups, in some cases starting races for the ‘stuff’ with the Sanitation Department, in special cases starting races between lucky scavengers.
Turns out this ‘garbage’ site (I mean the term with all respect) was done in by garbage (I mean the term with all disrespect): spam! The site couldn’t filter out the spam fast enough to make it worthwhile to keep the site up. Now that’s a garbage problem!
Sorry to see you go, Garbage Scout. While I never used it myself, I forwarded the link to someone just a week ago. Darn.
THX to the Inman blog for pointing me to the news.
© Sandy Mattingly 2006
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