best cold day EVER

it’s a brand new day
I am writing this Monday, for posting on Tuesday at the precise moment the new President takes the oath of office. By that time (this time) I will have been standing at 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue for nearly five hours (if all goes to plan) and will be watching the Inauguration from there on big screens.

Three hours later, the Inaugural Parade will start and should take 15 minutes or so to begin to pass in front of us, headed by the President, Vice-President and their families. Then, a host of bands….

happy cold
I believe that the crowds along the Parade route and on the Mall will make up the largest collection of happy people ever assembled in this country. Also, probably the coldest large group.

Sun won’t be up until 7:23 AM, when the forecast temperature is 22 degrees ("feels like" 12). The high looks like 29, at noon until 4 PM ("feels like" 18). We should be off PA Av by 5PM, as the temperature begins to drop and there is a chance of snow flurries for a couple of hours by then.

Think warm thoughts. Choose hope.


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