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deconstructing NY Times article about combining apartments to increase value

how the Real Estate Industrial complex works, and why it is unhelpful for consumersMaybe you people are way ahead of me, but I realized something that seems insightful about the unholy alliance between real estate media outlets such as the

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is this a $625k renovation of a 1,200 sq ft loft at 720 Greenwich Street?

Manhattan Loft Guy report, you decideThe footprint of the “A” line of The Tower in the West Village at 720 Greenwich Street is pretty funky, as Manhattan lofts go. It winds around an obtuse corner (2 exposures!) with enough of

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jaw-dropping renovation of a Manhattan loft

so nice, I gotta post twice (today)I simply could not resist the temptation offered by today’s Curbed post, The Future is Now at Transformed Greenwich Village Loft, to probe, to ponder, to track, and … to drool over the photos.

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3,000 sq ft Manhattan loft renovated for $250,000

just for floors, kitchen + bathsI stumbled across a Wall Street Journal slide-show in the new trying-to-outdo-The-Times section this week, featuring a Tribeca loft of nearly 3,000 sq ft that had been renovated for $250,000. Of course Manhattan Loft Guy

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memo to NY Times: that's a “loft”, not an “apartment”

and not in East VillageCheck out the slide-show associated with the article in today’s NY Times, An East Village Apartment, Sleek and Childproof. Does that look like a "loft" or an "apartment" to you? Yeah, me too: that’s a loft.

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psst! wanna see a million dollar renovation? 55 East 11 Street just closed

  (more or less)The Manhattan loft 55 East 11 Street #3 just closed (a week ago!) and will eventually be added to my cumulative list of lofts with paired resales (March 5, data dump: 14 Manhattan lofts sold in 2007

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new loft price needs to be justified

asking 20% more for 2006 mints??When I first saw the listing description for a Manhattan loft brand new to market (chock full of mints, renovation news, adverbs and adjectives) I assumed that it is priced almost 20% above the 2006

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bidding war erupts VERY late, as 49 Warren St gut job closes

caution: follow all StreetEasy linksThis one is weird…. I began this post in my mind with a headline like "pricing it VERY right at 49 Warren Street" because the StreetEasy listing associated with the closed sale of this loft on

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why isn't a Tribeca premium renovation worth at least 250/ft?

a distraction?You’d think that a stem-to-stern high quality renovation of a Manhattan loft would both (a) cost and (b) be worth at least $250/ft, wouldn’t you? There is a loft in prime Tribeca that was gutted after being purchased in

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if you don't build it will they come? buy + build opportunity

how does $830/ft sound if you have to build?There’s a Manhattan loft (fairly) newly for sale that caught my eye as a potential test of one of the limits that is more limiting in the current market than in prior

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