Month: January 2012

privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue

was it the iconic views?If there is a data geek out there looking for a laboratory to explore the value of views, one could do worse than start at the Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue. The Merc is an

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changing firms + raising price after 7 months does the trick for 67 East 11 Street cast iron loft

no Virginia, there is no rational market (not here, at least)Fans of the efficient market theory for the Manhattan residential real estate market should be surprised if a loft is offered within $5,000 of its value but takes 7 months

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long-time Ruggles House owner sells ready-for-renovation loft at 112 East 19 Street

quick deal aside from that one hiccupIt looks as though the seller of the “1,950 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3R at 112 East 19 Street (the Ruggles House) has been in the building since at least since 1983. That’s as

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loft porn: Dietz Lantern loft transformed at 429 Greenwich Street

from good to greatA twitterverse mention of Manhattan Loft Guy on Tribeca Live (eventually) lead me to photos of a beautiful redesign of a loft at the Dietz Lantern Building (429 Greenwich Street), via Remodelista, a “sourcebook for the considered

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holiday diversion / his birthday was yesterday

but his Day is todayLast year on the holiday I linked to the I Have A Dream speech from the Washington Mall, with text and video; I also linked to that text on the sad 40th anniversary of his assassination,

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weekend diversion / into the weeds of grammar with “they” and “he or she”

“Psycho Babble”! (gotta love that)I may not always pay as much attention as I should to grammar, but I have often rewritten sentences to avoid using “he or she” with a single generic referent. (If you think that my sensitivity

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weekend diversion WITH (some, slight) Manhattan real estate content

playing with $/ft numbersThis is probably sandbox level ‘analysis’, but I counted the distribution of Manhattan loft resales on a dollar per foot basis yesterday, provoked by a StreetEasy discussion thread. I don’t follow those threads closely enough to appreciate

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meticulous renovation of 233 West 26 Street loft means +31% over 2006, and a skirmish

adding bed + bath, meticulously, helpsOn my particularly cranky days I don’t react well to broker babble about a “meticulous” renovation, but on most days I see “meticulously” for what it is: a wonderful adverb that — when used in

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4 prices, 12 months to contract for loft at 315 West 36 Street

contract = best birthday present everThe “1,306 sq ft” Manhattan loft #14B at 315 West 36 Street came to market on October 19 and found a contract by October 14. Since you should assume that I type such dates carefully,

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loft lab at 161 Hudson Street, as loft takes 5 months to make a quick sale

up 43% since 2004Yesterday was pricing at 2004 (January 10, 150 Nassau Street mini-loft sells at about 2004 pricing); today is about the sale of the “2,117 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 161 Hudson Street at $2,323,150, which (among

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