Month: December 2007

contract comes in on schedule at hot-hot-hot 18 E 12

I hit #6A at 18 East 12 Street  after another agent mentioned the 90 minute open house that averaged two-thirds of a person per minute (December 12 18 E 12 St so hot it is going best & final today).

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fluff (dated fluff, in fact) from NY Times ‘styles’ / remember that rug??

the zebra cowhide rug has lost its edgeI will never find my post unless by accident, but I clearly remember posting some months ago as an aside something like ‘what’s up with the animal rugs all of a sudden?’, after

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still slow for Sunday, but 4 more loft open houses

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on; for 655 Sixth Av you should call) We now show only 542 open houses in Manhattan overall, but here are 4 more, all with high

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slowest open house Sunday of the year

so far, a paltry 20 lofts, fewer than 500 overallWhen I did a small open house review for the Sunday after Thanksgiving (not many houses open on Sunday) I wondered if that was the slowest weekend of the year. It

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NYC Housing Stock / distribution of renters + owners, coops, condos, houses

THX to REBNY for sending along a pie chart from the US Census Bureau 2005 Housing Survey of the distribution of housing types in the City as a whole (beggars would want to see Manhattan only, but we can’t be

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81 White contract / far east Tribeca condo under $1,000/ft

it’s the block, MarsAt “1,982 sq ft” and asking (most recently) $1.75mm, #3E at 81 White Street looks like a bargain for a condo in a “classic Tribeca prewar loft building that was completely renovated in 2005”, doesn’t it? Particularly

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buyer blinked at 79 Laight / November sale near ask

follow-up on Oct 11 postI posted on October 11 about the “toddler of a listing” at 79 Laight Street #3A, which was first to market in September 2006 at $4.75mm, then quickly reduced to $4.5mm at which it held for

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perseverance pays in contract at 514 Broadway

15 months + 4 price drops + 3 contracts out = 1 contract signed (whew!)#3H at 514 Broadway was a fresh listing at Labor Day 2006, asking $2.3mm for “2,100 sq ft” in a 1 + 1 set-up (one bedroom,

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more actual data / November sales in Manhattan more or less steady

what does “steady” mean? Last month, the number of closed sales just about matched the number closed in November 2006, and prices were considerably higher, but roughly flat compared with the prices in the previous quarter, according to a review

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not buying the minimalism (yet) / 8 W 13 drops

#2F at 8 West 13 Street is a beauty that The Market has yet to appreciate enough to buy (or, that the seller has yet to appreciate that The Market is not as fond of this minimalist masterpiece as he

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